Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Blog | 1 comment

135 Luthiers From 36 Countries

So 2016 has flown by at warp speed and already it was time for the Holy Grail Guitar show in Berlin. This really is such a fantastic exhibition. Organised by luthiers in order to bring the best out in their fellow luthiers. It is the most amazing collection of quality handmade guitars you will ever see anywhere in the world. This year there were 135 luthiers from 36 countries exhibiting, and I was honoured to be participating again.

I specially built four “holy” guitars for this year’s show including two of the new Nautilus Standard flat top guitars, a Nautilus Modern with a lightweight swamp ash body and a Special Reserve Nautilus Hollowbody. I added a Nautilus classic in 59 burst to complete the display.

Personal Highlights

The show was really well attended by the public and was such good fun to be involved in.
One of my personal highlights this year was the Luthiers symposium that we have for the two days before the show. The symposium is a collection of lectures and open panel discussions especially aimed at us luthiers. They are really educational and help us to all share information and ideas with each other, all with the common goal of promoting the art of the handmade guitar. I was invited to be part of one of the panel discussions during the symposium this year. The topic was how to make a living as a luthier. I was joined on the panel by some of the most respected luthiers in the world including – Nik Huber, Jason Kostal, Alan Cringean, Chris Larkin, Nigel Forster and Andy Manson. It was fascinating to hear everybody’s different approaches and stories from along the way on their journey. It was a great experience.

There is lots of really great content about the show on the website – and all the social media pages.

The Next Edition

I’m already looking forward to the next edition in 2018. It’s such an inspiring experience to see so many people building so many amazing guitars. I honestly believe there has never been a better time in history to buy a guitar than right now, we are certainly living in a golden age of lutherie. As I said before I am honoured to be part of it all, and to be a slave to these things with strings!