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Heirloom quality, built with love. 

Electric guitars, crafted to inspire.

Using a blend of old world hand skills and modern precision technology, each guitar is crafted with pride and dedication. This is a labour of love.

“Music is magic – and magic is life” – Jimi Hendrix

2019 Guitarist Magazine Review

9/10 – Guitarist Choice Award 


 “Who is Seth Baccus? Pretty much guitar-making royalty. Seth has had guitar experience at the highest level as the stepson of Andy Manson, whom we know as one of the UK making founders, along with his brother, Hugh. Seth worked at Mansons Guitar Shop for 12 years, eight as the manager, and built his first guitar in 2004.”

“He’s had on-the-road experience with John Paul Jones (including the Led Zeppelin reunion rehearsals and live shows) and worked with local mates Muse.”

“The detail and craft is wonderful. A finish like this would show any slight tool mark, but there aren’t any. The fingerboard edges are lightly rounded, the highly polished frets have virtually domed ends, the tangs are notched so you don’t see them. Can a top nut be a thing of beauty? Well, this one is superbly cut and shaped, not a sharp edge in sight. Look and learn.  “

“With a full-feeling, beautifully rounded C shape, the neck is definitely in the ‘one of the best we’ve played’ category”

“But it’s not about just the craft: this is a hugely usable, inspirational, pro-level guitar”

“Here is a guitar that you’ll get completely lost in. We’re not joking when we say we had to limit our test time, otherwise we’d never get these words written.”

Words – Dave Burrluck – Photography Olly Curtis

Guitarist magazine UK

News – Tom Morello

Seth recently worked on a legendary guitar for one of his all time guitar hero’s. The Sendero Luminoso Telecaster is the guitar that Tom wrote and recorded Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing in the Name” on.

What a piece of rock history!

It was Seth’s pleasure and an honour to work on Tom’s guitar for him. He gave it a new lease of life and Tom’s out there rocking it on stages right now!!

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My Story

I suppose it is fair to say I was probably always going to be involved with guitars in someway, I was always completely obsessed with music and my step father is Andy Manson, who is somewhat of a legend in the acoustic guitar building world. I grew up as a kid surrounded by saw dust, guitars and musicians. This progressed to helping out one day a week in Andy’s workshop while I was at college. Making tea and sweeping the floor etc and generally just soaking up the atmosphere.orta.

Inside The Making

In this day and age resources are precious it is important that those that work with natural materials treat them with respect.

Here at Seth Baccus Guitars, part of this means buying materials from sustainable sources where ever possible and also wasting as little as possible. We always source timber with FSC or Rain forest Alliance certification where ever possible, meaning the wood comes from well managed, sustainable forests, providing a sustainable income for the local communities.


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Happy Customers

I recently bought your Nautilus Classic from World Guitars. I own custom shop LP’s and Private stock PRS and the Nautilus is easily the finest guitar I’ve ever played. Thank you very much, I LOVE it! I hardly ever play anything else now, it’s like a love affair for me!