Shoreline T

It is clear from the outset where the roots of this guitar lie. Leo’s original was a total game changer in the guitar world.


Featuring a lightweight hand selected body paired with a beautiful bolt on maple neck the Shoreline T is the perfect blend between tribute and innovation.

The lightweight body delivers a very lively response and a fast attack to the note, rich with warmth while balanced with a sweet crisp treble. When paired with the hollow snap of the bolt on maple neck it really is a timeless combination.

Heirloom Quality 

The Shoreline T also includes many modern features to bring it up to date with the 21st century players needs. 

The sweep of the cutaway and easy access neck join with its hand carved heel design allows the player to get to the top frets very comfortably. The modern 12 inch fingerboard radius and medium jumbo frets make for easy playability and clean string bending. Also featuring a bridge with intonated brass saddles that deliver a really authentic vintage T style tone while also being able to play in tune accurately. 

The model pictured includes an added Bigsby B5 option.       It’s a popular option as it just looks so cool! It pairs with the T style bridge perfectly and captures that old school vibe. 


Another popular option is the 4 way switching, that adds an extra tonal option for player. In the extra position the neck and bridge pickups are combined in series for a fatter almost humbucker type tone. It adds a nice extra versatility to an already versatile guitar. 

With the hallmark quality Seth Baccus fretwork and the oil and wax finished maple neck the playability is effortless and has the feel of an old friend. 

Warm & Hollow

Continuing with using only the finest components these Shoreline T guitars are fitted with Bare Knuckle pickups as standard, they are handmade here in the UK and to my ears are fantastic.

The set that I use as standard in these Shorelines are the classic Black Guard flat 50’s set.

They are really open sounding pickups, very warm and hollow in the neck and all the clang and twang you could want in the bridge. (other great brand and sets can of course be specified by the customer).

Steeped in Tradition

The elegant curves of the original body shape balance well either on a strap or on your lap. The maple neck is finished with a hand rubbed oil and wax finish, which not only brings out the natural beauty of the wood, it feels unbelievably silky to the touch.


There are many options available on the Shoreline T’s. From double bound custom style bodies, to bigsby loaded twang machines. Semi hollow thinline options and a variety of possible pickup choices. Please contact us if you have any questions about personalising a Shoreline for you. 

Hi Seth, I don’t want to sound like a sycophant however I just wanted to tell you,

I’ve played about thirty hours on the Shoreline so far and I think it’s the Stradivarius of the guitar world. It’s superb in every way and I wanted to thank you again,

I LOVE it! All the best

Shoreline T and Nautilus Classic owner

Shoreline T Specs

  • Light weight Obeche body
  • Bolt on figured Maple NECK
  • with either Maple, Rosewood or Ebony fingerboard
  • Bare Knuckle pick ups (sets can be specified by the customer)
  •  intonating vintage style brass saddle bridge
  • Gotoh Vintage style Machineheads
  • 12 inch fingerboard radius
  • Medium Jumbo fretwire
  • Aged Nitro, new Nitro or Polyurethane finish –  oil and wax option
  • Guide price from £3199 inc case